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Who could benefit from this course?


  • Your partner is asking you to open up the relationship but you aren’t sure if this is right for you, and you have a whole lot of questions.
  • You are thinking about getting into nonmonogamy, but aren’t sure you’re ready.
  • You definitely want to be nonmonogamous, but know you have some things you need to work on.
  • You’ve been doing nonmonogamy for a while, but keep running in to the same problem over and over and aren’t sure why.
  • You’re new to nonmonogamy and keep stumbling over different problems.
  • You are a therapist and are finding nonmonogamous people in your caseload and want some guidance.
  • You’ve opened up and are seriously considering closing up because “it’s just too difficult.”
  • You’ve been nonmonogamous for a while and want to level up.

Each course is around an hour long and includes worksheets and additional resources to build your insight and understanding of self.


Here’s what you will learn in each class:

Nonmonogamy 101

  • Understand what steps you need to grow yourself and your skills.
  • Learn what nonmonogamy can and can’t do for you and your relationships.
  • Learn what values shape your relationships and decisions.
  • Discover the tools you will need to understand the obstacles you are experiencing.
  • Learn what it takes to build better relationships.
  • Learn how to identify your capacity and motivation.

Building Agreements (and Boundaries)

  • Understand the difference between Rules, Agreements and Boundaries (and why this is important!)
  • Learn to identify your Needs, Wants, Ambivalences, Rather Nots, Hell Nos and how to better communicate them.
  • Learn the difference between Implicit and Explicit rules and agreements and how it impacts your relationship.
  • Learn how to identify vague language and get more clarity in your agreements.
  • Learn how to rephrase criticism and use it to better understand your needs and the needs of others.
  • Learn how and when to move from an agreement to a boundary.
  • Learn tips and tricks for good agreement making.
  • Learn some of the pitfalls of common nonmonogamy agreements.

Safer Sex Practices

  • Learn how to identify your comfort areas around related topics.
  • Understand what consent is and what it looks like.
  • Learn about sexual health principles.
  • Learn the basics of anatomy.
  • Learn about the most common practices and how you might modify them for your situation.
  • Learn about the most common STIs, how they are transmitted, treated and prevented.
  • Learn about various barriers and birth controls.
  • Utilize a grid to better understand your own risk tolerance and how to communicate your tolerance.
  • Develop your own script to use regarding your safer sex practices.

New Relationship Energy

  • Learn about the definition and signs of New Relationship Energy (NRE).
  • Learn about the neurobiology of NRE.
  • Understand how NRE can lead to in-grouping and out-grouping.
  • Develop insight on how NRE may have affected you or others in your past.
  • Understand how NRE may affect your current relationships.
  • Understand why Veto often backfires in the face of NRE.
  • Understand how NRE affects libido.
  • Learn about Old Relationship Energy (ORE) and the transition from NRE.


  • Learn about the difference between Jealousy and Envy.
  • Identify the common root causes of jealously.
  • Identify the root causes of your jealousy through insight exercises.
  • Discover your modern day jealousy triggers.
  • Learn about the behavior rollercoaster that keeps you trapped in anxiety and doesn’t help you resolve the problem.
  • Learn about how thought spirals contribute to keeping you stuck in a jealous pattern.
  • Learn skills and techniques to help you work through your jealousy instead of getting stuck in it.
  • Understand how low self-worth can contribute to jealousy.
  • Learn how journaling about self-worth can help break the pattern of comparison that can keep you stuck in jealousy.
  • Learn how and when to negotiate for support to help you work through jealousy.


  • Better understand metamour relationships
  • Learn common misconceptions about how they do and don’t work
  • Learn common struggles and tripping hazards
  • Get tips about meeting your metamour for the first time
  • Learn how to better communicate with your metamour and shared partner
  • Learn about power dynamics and privilege
  • Understand triangulation and how it affects your relationships
  • Gain insight on making decisions and creating boundaries while considering your metamours.
  • Learn how to spot dangers and benefits of having metamours

And it doesn’t end there….


You’ll continue to have access to the recordings of the courses so you can go back to review any materials you may want to revisit later.


You’ll be invited to periodic live Q&A classes with Karyn and Carrie to answer any questions that may come up during your training.


You can join the exclusive Facebook group to get help and insight from others going through the same course.


Current Course Offerings!

Nonmonogamy 101 Self-Paced Class Series


Six classes with worksheets you can do at your own pace. Classes include the above subjects: Nonmonogamy 101, Building Agreements (and Boundaries), New Relationship Energy, Safer Sex Practices, New Relationship Energy, Jealousy, and Metamour Relationships. 

$249.00 USD

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