FAQ | Nonmonogamy Academy


Common questions about Nonmonogamy Academy, what we offer, and what we do not.

If you have questions not addressed here, please email us at info@nonmonogamyacademy.com

What makes us different than others offering nonmonogamy education?

We are both licensed therapists and sex therapists, working in private practice, focusing on nonmonogamous and kinky clients.  We have both been nonmonogamous and kinky for many years.  We have led numerous local communities and been a member of those communities.  We have been a part of the research community in various forms, including doing some original research on metamour relationships (unpublished).  This combination of experiences gives of a lot of insight in the unique challenges and characteristics of nonmonogamous relationships.

How do I see what classes you are offering?

You can find all of our class listings in the Store

I see some classes as bundles and some as individual, why?

Bundled classes build on each other and include concepts that are used throughout the course. Individual classes do not. 

Some bundles, like Nonmonogamy 101, deal with a lot of the issues people new to nonmonogamy face. We believe that progressing through the classes will help people understand, and address, many of the different things newer people struggle with. This class series in particular helps you get a good foundation of knowledge and insight to build healthier relationships on top of.

Where do I find nonmonogamous people to date?

There are apps like Feeld or Open that are focused on nonmonogamous dating, and many other apps are starting to allow this as an option for filtering matches.  You may be able to find local communities through searching reddit, Facebook, Meetup, and other social media sites.  Poly munches and get togethers are a common event in non-pandemic times.

What is Ethical Nonmonogamy (ENM) or Consensual Nonmonogamy (CNM)?

Ethical nonmonogamy and consensual nonmonogamy are umbrella terms that refer to any relationship that allows for romantic and/or sexual connections with more than two people.
Do you offer refunds?

If you are not satisfied with our class for any reason, please send us an email and let us know what the problem is. We want people to be happy with their purchase. You cannot complete the course/class series and then request a refund.

If I realize I'm nonmonogamous do I HAVE to come out to friends and family?

Nope! If you aren’t ready to out yourselves to others for any reason, you shouldn’t feel pressured to tell people.  There are plenty of reasons you may feel unsafe or uncomfortable being out to any number of people in your life. The decision is yours.
How can I practice these skills in a safe space?

You can often ask friends or partners to practice some of these skills. Some skills you can practice in therapy or coaching. Some skills can only be used in specific circumstances. You may also join our Facebook group and ask if others would be interested in practicing certain skills with you. Remember, the Facebook group is not for picking up dates. Do not message anyone privately without their explicit permission. If you do, you may be kicked from the group.