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Karyn Wittmeyer (she/they) is a Licenced Mental Health Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist who has been working in private practice, focusing on nonmonogamous relationships.  She participated in the American Psychological Association’s Consensual Nonmonogamy Task Force (Division 44), whose goal is to promote wider acceptance of and research into nontraditional relationship configurations in clinical settings.  She has also been a part of the nonmonogamy research community for over a decade. Over the years, Karyn has started and led various science and nonmonogamy social groups across multiple states.

Karyn identifies as nonmonogamous, queer, demisexual, and also as an avid outdoorsman and science nerd.  She enjoys skiing, biking, scuba diving, backpacking, playing video games, vacationing with friends and family, and reading psychology, science fiction, and fantasy books.  She lives with two partners, a dog and two cats in a suburban house with a picket fence and vegetable garden, where she is a board member of her HOA.



Carrie Ancel (they/she) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Sex Therapist working in private practice with a specialization in nonomonogamous relationships and kink. Carrie has done original research into metamour relationships, as well as participated in several studies looking at potential outcomes in nonmonogamous relationships. They are a huge advocate for expanding the current research to better represent the many ways relationships can show up for people, and to find different ways to help people navigate this journey. 


Carrie identifies as being queer, Jewish, disabled, nonmonogamous, pansexual, and genderfluid. In their personal life they love hanging out with their pup, taking care of their home, gardens, and many many plants, spending time with their partners, metas, and friends, playing D&D, board games, or video games, partner dancing, travel (when it is safe), and cooking a myriad of tasty treats.


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